Growing out Gray Hair
Growing out Grey Hair

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Growing out Gray Hair
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Growing out Gray Hair

Growing out Gray Hair: Changing from color enhanced hair, back to your natural gray hair color is never easy.
In our experience, over 90% of the folks who try to go back to their natural gray  hair color, decide they "don't really like their naturally gray hair color."  In less than 6 months, they go back to their "younger looking" hair color.
You should also know that  ! Today sole folks see the color GRAY as a fashion statement. Get FASHION Gray tones requires "double processing" your hair. we first bleach the hair and then tone it back to the color gray you want for your fashion statement. If you are growing out your gray hair so you can stop coloring your hair ad save money, the new gray colors are not for you.

  1. Know that most folks who grow out their naturally grey hair color ... 
                                   color their hair again so they can look & feel better, or younger or both.
  2. buy a wig to wear while you hair grows out (it is best to buy 2 or 3  wigs if you choose this option)
  3. use a temporary color, (see Hair Color Spray) at the part & temples, to cover the natural gray hair color (roots) as they first starts to grow out. This will help you hide the "roots" (your new natural hair color) longer, before your make your next choice. Temporary Root Color washes off each time you shower. So you are in control. You are in control of a)-how much you color (usually only  the part area and the temples) and b) when you stop coloring.  It's an easy way to get you natural hair color longer before making the switching back to your natural hair color.
  4. let the natural hair grow in as long as possible then get a very short hair cut
  5. ease into the transition by  
    • let the natural hair grow in as long as possible and then
    •  low lighting the grey roots (to blend a little)
    • Repeat, and reducing the low lighting over time until no low-lighting is required
    • warning - this procedure takes about 2 years (after all hair grows only 6" in a year)
  6. the part alternative
  7. (works best with lighter hair colors)
    • change to a light hair color
    • part you hair on one side
    • color the roots of the section around the part only  (hides the gray)
    • repeat until the hair  has grown out to a short haircut length you would feel comfortable with
    • cut your hair to that length and switch your part to the other side (hiding the colored hair)
  8. for salt and pepper roots
    • highlight you hair very light in color so the gray is not so obvious
    • as the gray comes in low-light the already lightened shaft to help blend to the root color 
  9. Use the new 2-color fashion trend - with permanent salon hair color (as in #2 above) to -
    a) lighter on the bottom  by growing it out your natural color and
    b) darker on the top ...  here you get your salon colorist involved to your advantage.
    • grow out the hair underneath to your natural color - while you are doing this
    • at the salon your colorist colors a small section on the top, by the part, - hiding the roots underneath (like the Temporary Root Color alternative in in #2 above - but with permanent color)
    • when you have the underneath grown out you have several choices (or combinations of choices)
      1. remove the color from the hair in the part area (giving you  a peek-a-boo color highlight)
      2. switch parts as above (keeping full the length of the dark colored hair as a darker  peek-a boo low-light accent)
      3. use a new trend hair cut that requires - cutting off the dark hair color
      4. thin the "dark colored hair section" so it blends better, reducing its visibility of your peek-a-boo accent color

As you can see switching back to your naturally gray hair color, gracefully, is a combination of making a few choice, picking your plan, getting the hair cut that makes the plan work, and having the patience to do it in the timeframe your hair requires to grow in. You will will then have the opportunity to see your natural color and adjust for any Problems Common to Gray Hair.

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Growing out Gray Hair


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Growing out Gray Hair







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Growing out Gray Hair