Vanish Hair Color Remover

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Vanish Hair Color Remover
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Do you want remove a hair color?

Vanish Hair Color RemoverVanish Hair Color Remover

Vanish is a revolutionary hair color removal system. Ever wonder how celebs change their hair color so frequently and keep their hair on their heads? Vanish! It removes color/tint/dye safely and gently without destroying the hair. Vanish Color Corrector truly reverses the molecular action of the color molecules, and they come out without the use of any developer or bleach. It is super gentle on the hair. Super! It just reverses the way the color went in and takes it out!

Call for a consultation - find out if Vanish Color Remover is right for your Color Correction Needs.
Permanent Color Need not to be Permanent

• Color correction without stress or damage.
• VANISH gently reduces the size of the artificial color molecules, allowing the color to be washed away, with no damage to the hair.

• VANISH does not contain peroxide, bleach,    or ammonia

• VANISH does not affect the natural color of the hair, so permanent or semi-permanent hair color can be applied to the hair the same day.

• VANISH reverses the oxidation of permanent hair color.

Warning: Product Contains Sulfur. Do not use if allergic to sulfur.

New Advanced Formula!

Innovative technological advances provide the maximum color reduction available today without the usual mess and odor.

Superior color reduction capabilities
Gel-like, non-dripping consistency
Fresh fragrance

***This process also requires heat from an overhead dryer.

If you need to, we can do additional color correction after removing the color you no longer want. This will require a strand test to be sure we are not going too dark.

Vanish will take some colors of black hair and bring them up to a dark brown in one application. We are limited to 3 applications of Vanish per day.


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1074 N. Swan Rd, Tucson AZ   85711
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